When your event involves attendees who speak more than one language, professionally-delivered interpretation services can be “make or break.”
Our simultaneous interpreters are carefully selected for their advanced language, interpersonal and professional skills. Many have advanced degrees in interpretation, linguistics, or a particular language. This level of expertise allows us to source the right linguists and provide the most effective simultaneous interpretation for your event.
These highly-skilled interpreters provide simultaneous and consecutive conference interpretation services.

We can provide total solution including a mobile audio system manufactured in Germany with premium quality standards and excellent high frequency technology, and also moderation tools.

These technical devices are versatile systems used for simultaneous interpretation for conferences, meetings, trainings, study tours, and guided tours.

•    Easy to handle and user-friendly

 •    Use as whisper-microphone
•    Extreme noise reduction microphones
•    Brilliant transmission quality
•    30 channels
•    Comfortable and hygienic earphones